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WSC Proceedings. Overview By Track. Taylor Brunel University London. Abstract Driven by innovations such as mass customisation, complex supply chains, smart cities and emerging cyber-physical and Internet of Things systems, Big Data is presenting a fascinating range of challenges to Analytics. Abstract Recent disasters reveal that current emergency plans are not enough robust to treat this situations.

Doing real life simulacrums to test some aspects of the emergency plans causes the stagnation of the normal work in the organizations and they carry high costs. Simulation tools are a affordable way to deal with these tests. Abstract The continued popularity of social media in the dissemination of ideas and the unique features of that channel create important research opportunities in the study of rumor contagion.

Using an agent-based modeling framework, we study agent behavior in the spread of competing rumors through an endogenous costly exercise of measured networked interactions whereby agents update their position, opinion or belief with respect to a rumor, and attempt to influence peers through interactions, uniquely shaping group behavior in the spread of rumors.

It should be pointed out that this research is still in its nascent stages and much needs to be further investigated.

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Participation in multilateral effort to develop high performance integrated CPC evacuated collectors. The University of Chicago Solar Energy Group has had a continuing program and commitment to develop an advanced evacuated solar collector integrating nonimaging concentration into its design. During the period from , some of our efforts were directed toward designing and prototyping a manufacturable version of an Integrated Compound Parabolic Concentrator ICPC evacuated collector tube as part of an international cooperative effort involving six organizations in four different countries.

This ‘multilateral’ project made considerable progress towards a commercially practical collector. One of two basic designs considered employed a heat pipe and an internal metal reflector CPC. We fabricated and tested two large diameter mm borosilicate glass collector tubes to explore this concept. The other design also used a large diameter mm glass tube but with a specially configured internal shaped mirror CPC coupled to a U-tube absorber.

Performance projections in a variety of systems applications using the computer design tools developed by the International Energy Agency IEA task on evacuated collectors were used to optimize the optical and thermal design. The long-term goal of this work continues to be the development of a high efficiency, low cost solar collector to supply solar thermal energy at temperatures up to C.

Some experience and perspectives based on our work are presented and reviewed.

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Also part of the Information Systems and Applications, incl. The aim of this book is to collect and to cluster research areas in the field of serious games and entertainment computing. It provides an introduction and gives guidance for the next generation of researchers in this field.

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The term textile industry from the Latin texere, to weave was originally applied to the weaving of fabrics from fibres, but now it includes a broad range of other processes such as knitting, tufting, felting and so on. It has also been extended to include the making of yarn from natural or synthetic fibres as well as the finishing and dyeing of fabrics. In prehistoric eras, animal hair, plants and seeds were used to make fibres. Silk was introduced in China around BC, and in the middle of the 18th century AD, the first synthetic fibres were created.

Silk is the only natural fibre formed in filaments which can be twisted together to make yarn.

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The ability to make observations above most water vapor coupled with the ability to make observations from anywhere, anytime, make SOFIA one of the world s premiere infrared observatories. The data from these imagers is stored in archive files as is housekeeping data, which contains information such as boresight and area of interest locations. A tool that could both extract and process data from the archive files was developed.

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I think we may be getting close to another buying opportunity — but we are not there yet. Sterling had a great start to A large part of this is, simply, down to recent US dollar strength, but, as always, politics, economics and the Bank of England have played their part. I stumbled across a great line from the former US vice president, Joe Biden, this week. This is an important principle to apply whenever listening to the utterances of the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney.

For years now, Carney has been talking about higher rates. Yet for all the talk, Carney has only ever put up rates once — by a whopping 0. In most other walks of life, this kind of talk without action would be bordering on the dishonest, but it has been going on for so long in central banking it has become normalised.

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